Social Payments


In-person Payments

Business Payments


A platform that adapts to you

We designed a platform that will adapt to the way you want to do business. You are the hero. Design payments the way you think about them.

Online Payments

Supercharge your online payments with our quick integration form. Just integrate once and get access to all of our features and payment methods. Benefit from the highest payment acceptance rates in the market and high availability platform.

In-store payment

In-person or self check out, we cover any payment moment. Any card scheme or link payment, so you accept any payment needs. Also, multi channel refund allow your customer to get refunded anywhere. Improving payment experience by customizing interface.

Social payment

Immediate payment acceptance on social networks without any technical integration. Create a mini-check out button on your paybyrd dashboard both from a mobile app or website point of view. You see all your order detail including pending orders to be delivered at customers.

Pay by link

You create QR or links on desktop, mobile, or POS terminals in seconds. Customers pays anywhere just a few clicks, without physical cards. Send it to their WhatsApp or wherever comfortable for them. You don’t miss opportunities to receiving money.