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Paybyrd, Europe's premier Personalized Payment Platform. Our focus is on simplicity and efficiency when it comes to payments.

Paybyrd empowers businesses with unrestricted enterprise capabilities by integrating omni-channel payment methods into a tailored payment encounter.

Solutions tailor-made for your business model

We recognize that every business has unique needs. Our goal is not to dictate how you should process payments, but rather to enable you to create a payment experience that aligns with your vision.



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Social Payments

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Create beautiful holistic payment experiences. Why should your payment experience promote anyone else then your own brand? Be yourself. Be free.


Simplify payments

Connect a single platform to all kinds of payments. In-person, e-commerce, business payments, social payments.

Earn More

With an average payment acceptance rate above 92.7%, sell more, earn more. Supercharge your growth.

Take loyalty to the next level

With full control over all tokens, build new business models,  create enriching loyalty experiences. Dazzle your customers.

Build once, use and scale forever

Once integrated, don’t ever look back. Get Updates, activate new features, new possibilities, without changing a single line of code.

Outpace the competition with lightning-fast product launches. Streamlined and versatile APIs are key.

Customize your payment solution quickly by using our low-code API.
Ready made SDKs and APIs for in-store integrations, with 24-hour certification.
Create natively embedded payment experiences with very little integration effort.
Start integrating immediately.

We support any payment type and offer global acceptance

Ambition is the lifeblood of any enterprise with aspirations for growth. At Paybyrd, we are committed to empowering you to unleash that potential for expansion, no matter the scale of your ambitions. Let us help you achieve your goals and drive your business forward.

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Cutting edge payment technology makes growth easy

Cutting edge payment technology makes growth easy
The best payment acceptance rates
We provide amongst the highest payment acceptance rates in the market, on average above 92,7%. Earn more by selling more.
High security, High reliability
Fully PCI-DSS certified in-store and e-commerce solution. 99,99% uptime guaranteed.
Multi-acquiring platform
Paybyrd has several automated payment rails for in-store and online, minimizing chances of down time and boosting acceptance.
Control Fraud and Secure Revenue
Benefit from our embedded fraud technology and latest SCA implementation to minimize revenue loss.
Integrate with any CRM or ERP
Our set of APIs allow you to create fully embedded and integrated payment experiences, with any CRM or ERP.

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