Made for business

Accept payments according to your business necessities and provide your customers with a frictionless payment experience with all their favorite payment methods.

Paybyrd POS advantages

  • All card schemes and a wide range of payment methods
  • Customers can pay anywhere in their language and use Dynamic currency conversion to allow them to pay in their own currency.
  • Integration with several POS and PMS Software
  • Integrated Loyalty solutions
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One Platform, Full visibility, True Omnichannel.

Why should setting up a POS be complex and work different than an online or mobile payment?

We believe in the power of simplicity. Have real time visibility over all your POS payments and transactions, with fully automatic accounting reconciliation and integrated with your PMS or POS software to provide your business with 360 payments visibility and intelligence. Have access to a pure omnichannel payments platform.

Next-gen POS

This is not just a POS. Integrate loyalty and alternative payment methods.

Simplify and enrich your in-store payment experience using the latest generation payment terminal technology on our fully omnichannel payments platform.

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Paybyrd Terminals

Verifone V400

  • Tailor-made for integrated solutions within Hospitality and Retail
  • Large touch-screen for display impact and ease of use
  • Wallet Friendly, EMV and NFC Enabled
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Ingenico Move 5000

  • The perfect stand alone terminal. 4G and Wifi-enabled
  • Ideal for payments at the table or outside.
  • Impressive performance and long lasting battery
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PAX A920

  • Flexible, stable and secure
  • 4G / 3G / 2G /WiFi / Bluetooth
  • Android Based
  • Integrated and
    Stand-alone capabilities
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Miura M10

  • Integrated and Stand-alone capabilities
  • USB / Bluetooth
  • IOS / Android / Windows
  • Intelligent range of peripherals
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Some of our integrations