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The personalised payments terminal from the future.

Simplified and flexible in-store payment acceptance. No limit POS integration possibilities with simple app certification and submission.

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All card schemes and payment methods, including mobile payments through QR code.
Fully customizable terminals, with customizable menu’s
and colors
Advanced Business intelligence to monitor and grow your business in real-time.
All reporting, settlement, transactional and invoicing information on a single interface and dashboard.
Fully certified and tested PCI compliant terminals, for integrated, standalone and self-service payments.
SDK and API to integrate payments from any channel or software (mobile, web, erp or crm), with a simple submission and certification process.
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It’s not all about hardware

We focus on making customers come back, that’s why our POS comes with a built-in loyalty system and automatic currency conversion

Build Once,
Use Everywhere

Monitor all your terminal payments, with a quick and simple integration.

Whether you have 1 or 1000 locations across the globe, we got your back. Integrate our low-code API and use a single payments platform everywhere.

Card Schemes and range of payment methods

Suited terminals for each environment whether regular in-store payments or unattended payment environments

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PAX A920

Plug & play API and SDK.

Build and launch custom POS integrations in a matter of hours, with a simplified certification process.

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Supported transactions types

  • Pre Auth
  • Incremental/Top ups
  • Auth Release
  • Conversion after Capture
  • Payment
  • and much more!

Terminal Data & Management

Manage all terminals in real-time and have full visibility over all your Point of sales with accurate data.

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Get best in class business intelligence to grow your business locally and globally, and direct and adapt your business in real-time as it should, all from your mobile phone or browser.

Learn more about shopper behavior, create high-end tailor made payment experiences, and engage with your customers at every step of the way.

More Services

Online Payment

Offer your customers an online payment service, available on any device or channel, easy to integrate and connected to more than 80 payments methods through a single contract and integration.


Allow your clients to spread their purchases across many billing statements. You'll get the whole amount as if it were a regular charge, and the customer's bank will take care of collecting the money over time.


Access to flexible and fast financing so merchants can manage cash flows and invest in business growth.

A full financial platform, with pure data and a high converting payment experience

Start growing your business immediately