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80+ payment methods & 55+ countries

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3+ offices around the world

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800% growth 2019

About Paybyrd

Paybyrd was founded in 2018 by Django Lor. The purpose was to create a true omnichannel experience, capable not only of providing payment acceptance, but revenue growth.

With this aim in mind, the paybyrd team has worked relentlessly to deliver just that, all through a single platform and single contract ideology, with complete plug and play payments even for complex payment environments.

The platform is capable of delivery cross-channnel functionality across the board, removing all barriers between the online and in-store environment, and with it's real-time all the time concept, empowering merchants to grow their business.

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Founded in 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With the first concept being totally geared towards small mpos and online payments, in a pure distribution model.


First partnerships with strategic acquiring institutions in Europe were closed.


First test pilots and test customers onboarded on our Pure Payments platform.


Paybyrd launches its real-time all the time concept and philosophy.



Paybyrd migrates to a full cross-functional in-store and online platform. Around 80+ payment methods connected, available on POS and Online checkout.


Paybyrd closes strategic partnership with Bambora AB

May 2020

Paybyrd closes strategic collaboration with ACI worldwide

July 2020

Coming soon. Next generation plug and play payments.

The Paybyrd Formula

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    Our aim is to help our merchants grow through simple yet cutting edge payments technology

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    We always deliver. The team is the most important component of our business.

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    We build technology to last and perform. We build for small and large merchants alike.

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    We don’t believe in hierarchies, we have an open decision-making process where all opinions are equal.

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    We give our customers our personal numbers.

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    We love to iterate, but we build for reliability.

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    We challenge the status-quo and follow our instincts.

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    We are direct, and don't beat around the bush.

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